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Pieces of Victory Synopsis

This book characterizes my time as an unfortunate resident of the Christian reform school, Victory Christian Academy. This all-girls school presents itself to the world as a reform program of sorts for the wayward and the troubled. However, as outlined in the pages of my book, I describe something much darker…  Beginning from a point in time when I felt wrapped in ignorant bliss we begin to see a breakdown in my view of the world. As an impressionable 15-year-old girl a 27-year-old family member, while under his care, callously used his influence to manipulate me into having sex with him frequently. When I went to my parents for help, they refused to accept that I was raped. Instead I was unfairly made to metaphorically stand trial rather than blame the perpetrator who continued to roam free. This was a turning point in my life, as it is the point at which my relationship with my parents began to break down.  During this time, I took solace and comfort in a relationship with a boy my age. When we were together, the world seemed brighter and the pain seemed distant. As the seeds of distrust grew between my parents and I, I held to my hope in him more and more. Seeing this as a source of further temptation, they had me committed against my will to Victory Christian Academy. In doing so, they willingly relinquished their parental rights and left me helpless and at the mercy of a tyrannical head master and his staff who saw it as their divine duty (in a skewed sense of the word) to help the many proverbial lost sheep back to the safety of God’s flock. This was done in many ways: solitary confinement, abject sermons, threats, beratement, slavery, forceful indoctrination, and mental/physical torture. It was a lavish concoction of cruelty that would have likely made the Spanish Inquisition collectively proud. After the end of what was essentially my kidnapping, I watched my life continually spiral downward. Years of guilt and inadequacy stemming from my experiences at Victory drove me to feel socially outcast and totally unloved and it wasn’t until years later that I finally found the help I needed to stop my life from continually spiraling out of control. My story, Pieces of Victory, tells of the struggles of my former life. I know that there are so many young boys and girls who continually suffer needlessly under the false flag of so-called “Christian” love and compassion and it must stop now before more of our nation’s children are brutally scarred. To this end, I offer an account of my time at one of these heinous institutions.


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